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Peer Support

Family at a Beach

The Peer and Family Recovery Support Program is offered through the Department of Community Services at Passages to Recovery, Inc. Our Certified Recovery Specialists have personal lived experience of chemical dependency and recovery. They have an insider’s perspective and are trained to provide guidance, meaningful support, and assistance to people at any stage of recovery. Our Certified Recovery

Specialists can help you achieve the recovery goals that are important to you, from becoming stronger and more capable to understanding and healing your family relationships. They know what you’re going through because they’ve been there too.

Peer and Family Recovery Support is a standalone program. This means that you can be in treatment, but do not have to be, in order to receive these services. Services are available at any of our four facilities, via Telehealth, and out in the community. Our Recovery Specialists meet you where you are, in every sense.


Recovery Supportive Services are currently available to eligible participants at no cost. Learn more about how our Community Recovery Supportive Services can help you or your loved one by contacting us at 412.941.8404 or

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